Introduction of Team Freight A/S

Team Freight maintains a broad range of customs,
transportation and warehousing proficiency augmented with
a comprehensive network of global associates which allows
Team Freight to deliver total logistics solutions at the highest
level of expertise.

The management and staff are holding many years of
experiences and we know our customers demand for
professionel and reliable service. We follow up very closely
from the day any transport order is given from our customers.
Via our worldwide partners we deliver in time at the price
indicated and any of our customers can concentrate on their
daily business.

Our missions

To reduce the complexity of dealing with various levels of
government by consolidating business information in one
convenient service. To improve the start up survival and
growth rates of small and medium sized businesses by
giving business people in every part of Manitoba access to
accurate, timely, and relevant information and referrals,
enabling them to make well informed business decisions in
a global economy.

To encourage business success through sound business
planning, market research, and the use of strategic
business information.

Stevedoring in Denmark